Loan Management


Taking a loan is part of almost everyone’s life these days. It could a Car loan, Home loan, business loan or personal loans to fund a variety of personal needs. Let’s be upfront - its sometime difficult to live a decent lifestyle today without meeting with a loan disbursement company at some point in time.

Taking a loan also means having to pay it back - with interest. The interest could be ‘fixed’ rate or ‘floating’ rate. Whichever way it is, you need to pay it back normally as fixed monthly installments or in lumpsum, or usually a mix of both.

These re-payments eats into your regular ability to save, while also commiting you to a certain lifestyle during the re-payment period. A good liability plan will go a long way in making this journey an easier one.

Borrow, and Pay Back – At Ease

Khasnis The Wealth Managers will guide you in assessing your capacity to take a loan, how much and schedule a re-payment plan for you. This will help you to find ways to continue to save and invest during the loan re-payment phase so you will meet your financial goals as planned.

Refinance your High Interest Loans

Khasnis The Wealth Managers can give you an objective guidance on whether it is prudent to pay-back or refinance your existing loans at anytime. The charges are pretty exorbitant in normal cases and hence this decision becomes all the more important to consult with us.